Soothe and improve your baby’s digestive health when you buy BioGaia ProTectis™ probiotic drops. These are a dietary supplement with numerous benefits. It has been shown to reduce colic symptoms, improve digestive health and function as well as provide a boost to the immune system. This formula has been proven to be both effective and safe for newborn babies and children.

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One of the most clinically studied and safest infant probiotics is BioGaia's Protectic Baby Probiotics Drops. BioGaia Probiotic Drops (5ml) is a dietary supplement made with babies' digestive health in mind! Each supplement has been proven to provide numerous benefits, like relief from constipation as well as a boost to the immune system. This formula is specifically made for colic and digestive comfort, especially for infants' colic relief. BioGaia baby probiotic drops has tons of microorganisms that restore natural gut balance. This probiotic drop has also been formulated with a lactic acid bacterium and patented Lactobacillus reuteri Protectis, a probiotic strain that thrives in the human digestive tract. This probiotic proliferates the gut and extends the benefits of good bacteria for an overall gut care.


  • Effectively reduces colic symptoms
  • Strongly improves digestive health
  • Improves overall gut health
  • Aids digestion
  • Restores the balance in our gut health
  • Provides effective relief from infant's colic symptoms
  • Relives upset stomach in babies


Take 5 drops daily. Shake well before use.
The drops may be given on a spoon or added to any suitable drink or food. Do not add to hot food or drink as it may damage the live cultures.


Biogaia Probiotics are best kept at room temperatures or below. Our probiotics are stored in air-conditioned Singapore warehouses to maintain the health of the live cultures found within our products. Packing and delivering of probiotics are done on the very same day to maintain quality of probiotics in room temperature conditions. We do not accept exchanges or returns after products are delivered.

Expiry Date:

All our products have a minimum shelf life of 12 months (or more), unless stated otherwise. Once opened, a bottle of BioGaia Probiotics should be used within 3 months to maintain ultimate effectiveness.



*The videos shown on Glovida’s website may show a different product packaging as these videos are sometimes extracted from countries where the packaging may differ slightly.
For a most accurate representation of the product you will be receiving, please take a look at the product images shown above.

Expert Review


Lactobacillus reuteri is one of the very few probiotic species whose natural habitat is the digestive tract and is therefore especially well adapted to thrive in this kind of environment. Lactobacillus reuteri is among the first bacterial species to become naturally established in the gastrointestinal tract of the newborn.

Lactobacillus reuteri is one of the most scientifically well-documented probiotics with regard to both efficacy and safety.

Paediatricians very frequently prescribe BioGaia drops for prevention of infantile colic and digestive woes. They are suitable especially for young infants, who are unable to consume other probiotics in capsule or tablet forms.

*These reviews are written based on 40 years of training and experience working as pharmacists both locally and abroad, and through interactions with both customers and doctors.
We hope to share our medical knowledge to help you simplify complex product information so that you can make better health decisions for yourself and your loved ones.

Delivery & Shipping

We deliver to any location on mainland Singapore with the following exceptions:

  • Restricted and high security locations such as military bases, remand prisons, etc.
  • Offshore locations such as Jurong Island, Sentosa, etc.
  • P O Box addresses

Order Policy

As a safety precaution and for hygiene concerns, items once sold are non-returnable and non-refundable except for reasons stated in Glovida's Terms of Use under REPLACEMENT AND REFUNDS POLICY


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  1. Great value purchase!

    By Elise September 23, 2017

    This is cheaper here than pharmacy retail and at the PD.. I give it to my son based on a PD recommendation after he started childcare and it helps reduce diahrrea and keeps his immune system up. Good product!

  2. Good product

    By San September 14, 2017

    Have been giving this to my kids. Great on little tummies. Glad to find this at a lower price here!

  3. Good product

    By Rene September 06, 2017

    My baby was fine with its taste when I added to her food. Very easy to add into food as compared to powder form.

  4. Excellent

    By MX September 03, 2017

    PD prescribe this probiotic drop for my lo colic and it did improve. After the first bottle ran out i searched online and found Glovida selling it at better price for three bottles. Never regretted buying from Glovida, the probiotics was hand delivered by the boss himself in a cooler bag. First class storage and handling of this delicate supplement! Thumbs up

  5. Effective but pricey!

    By Joy September 02, 2017

    Great for reliving discomfort in my baby's tummy, highly recommended!

  6. Must-have for all kids

    By J August 17, 2017

    This has been effective for my kids. Especially impressed when I ordered via Glovida at exceptional savings and received it so quickly, packed nicely with an ice-pack!

  7. Repeated purchase

    By SY August 16, 2017

    Have been buying here since it is much cheaper as compared to retailing price. Great product and my kids love it!

  8. Great product!

    By Eve July 27, 2017

    Glad to find this product on Glovida which helps me to save money and the hassle to go to retail shop to buy.

  9. Exp but gd

    By Kelly July 18, 2017

    V small bottle last less than a month but helps baby to poop

  10. Easy to purchase, genuine product

    By Jasper July 02, 2017

    Easy to purchase, genuine product

  11. Great product

    By EN June 27, 2017

    Multiple orders and still as great as ever.

  12. Good product, great service

    By YH May 02, 2017

    A reliable product that is now even easier to love, thanks to the convenience of ordering from Glovida. Wonderful service provided by the courier as well.

  13. Very Responsible Seller

    By Cheryl April 19, 2017

    Good price. And Glovida made the extra effort to package the probiotic drops such that it was kept cool to ensure its efficacy. In addition to that, they delivered through personal courier to ensure it reached my doorstep the same day it left the air-conditioned warehouse. Thank you for the value-added service. Appreciate it.

  14. :)

    By Mrs Choo April 03, 2017

    thank you for the wonderful service.

  15. good value for bundle purchase

    By Vincent Lim March 20, 2017

    keep it up.

  16. for my babies

    By sally boh December 19, 2016

    I buy this here for my triplets. its really convenient as I am unable to step out of the house to shop at ease. the quality of the product is great and the customer service is fantastic. thank you!

  17. good

    By sam December 05, 2016

    I bought this for my kid. so convenient.

  18. Great for colic

    By 1st time mommy October 21, 2016

    My doctor recommended this when my baby seemed to always have this bloated tummy which causes him to cry quite a bit. Works well to get rid of the "wind" in the stomach.

  19. my pd recommends this!

    By jess October 07, 2016

    my pd recommends this for my baby. it's cheaper here on Glovida. so I will buy it here.

  20. good that i didn't need to step out to buy this!

    By mag September 27, 2016

    got this delivered to my home coz hard to step out with baby!!!

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