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We guarantee that the brands and products in our e-store are genuine and authentic. To assure you that you are getting authorized and legitimate products that are safe for use and consumption, we display the product labels so that you can clearly view the source of production and/or country of origin. Everything is transparent.

You may wonder why some of the packaging is different from those you see on retail shelves. Today, companies produce many of their products under licence in various locations around the world. It is not uncommon to have a pack for the US that differs slightly from the pack made for Europe and another that is destined for Australasia.

Our team of purchasers are qualified pharmacists who ensure that Glovida stocks only the most trusted brands and products. Our resolve to provide only genuine and trusted brands ensures that you will be getting the premium best that you can consume or use with confidence

Account Settings

With a simple click, you can update your profile such as your address, your preferred email for us to keep you updated on the latest products and promotions, and especially your password so that you are assured that at any one time, your personal information is safe and secure.

Ordering & Payment

Ordering and payment at our e-store should be a breeze and protected with Pay Pal. You won’t have to keep entering your delivery address and payment information such as your preferred credit card. You can edit your e-shop information anytime and from anywhere.

Shipping Rates & Information

For the moment we deliver on mainland Singapore. However, with prices that are so amazingly attractive, we are aware that there might be interest from overseas consumers. Write to us by email (enquiries@glovida.com) or drop us a note by way of our web contact page. For full details, you can read our Delivery Policy.

Exchange & Replacements

Your satisfaction is important to us. That is why, whenever you have a concern about the product you have purchased from us, we would like to attend to you with priority. The way we can best do that is to have you contact us directly regarding all exchange, replacement and refundable matters. It is simpler and there is no need to contact the product manufacturers as we have re-seller obligation and responsibility to assist you, expedite and resolve any issue that you may have.

If you would like to get in touch with us on any of the above matters or any other topic not found here, please do not hesitate to email us at enquiries@glovida.com