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Posted on October 30, 2019 by Alicia Cho


 Being a mum is no easy feat and we welcome all the help to make our lives easier :)

An extra online platform to do our shopping has birth. 



provides a reliable source of health & beauty essentials at better prices. Their prices are 30-50% OFF retail. I love online shopping as it gives me the convenience and its cheaper! So auntie!


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Glovida: Your One Stop Health & Beauty Online Shop



Glovida – A Store With Wide Range Of Supplements, Vitamins And Clinic Exclusives

by: Qiqi                         September 2019


As eCommerce is getting more and more popular, we are also opening up to purchase beauty products, supplements, and clinical supplies online.

Glovida believes in providing a reliable source of health & beauty essentials at better prices, not by constant price-slashing, but by believing in giving CONSISTENT good value and service for the money! Like receiving your order the VERY next day!

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Not your ordinary online beauty and health shop

by: Hanna Tantoco           September 2019


Hannatantoco blog

Raise your hand if you buy your beauty products online? I have my stash of k-beauty, j-beauty and t-beauty, but there’s a new category of products that’s slowly taking over my beauty shelf – a-beauty (a.k.a. Australian- beauty)

Enter, Glovida. Glovida isn’t new to our shores. In fact they’ve been operating since 2016. Glovida is made up of the words "Glow" and "Vida", which means "Life: in Spanish. Their brand promise is to empower their customers to embrace life and live life healthier. And that, they do so much.The first thing that drew me to Glovida is the range of Australian products that are hard-to-get in Singapore or otherwise too expensive. I don’t travel to Australia often, nor do I have friends who can haul some products back for me. While there’s no shortage of beauty and health stores, only a few carry Australian brands. My personal favourites are thank you, Vasse Virgin and Sukin. They also carry other mainstream brands such as Thursday Plantation and Y-Not Natural. What I love about Australian skincare brands where a lot of it is actually organic, plant-based and natural and while that might demand a heftier price tag it’s better for your body.


I'm totally sold on Glovida

By Ivianat
Nuf said. As seen as the title of my post, I'm totally sold to Glovida. By now you must be wondering why I'm saying that. Now before I tell you the reason,  let me introduce Glovida.
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Kiasu Parents

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Glovida: The Latest Online Health Store in Singapore